bout that life.





I’m out buying some dinner right now wearing basketball shorts, and the cashier behind the counter isn’t even trying to hide the fact that she staring at my dick.

Now I know how women feel.

You better use what you got to get what you want bruh.

My mama didn’t do that good of a job raising me so I’m really not above having sex for fried chicken



Oh my god…smh. this is so hard to watch

shakin hands wit somebody you just met


*casually fucks up every good thing that happens to me*


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the message says “y’all fucked up.”




It’s not shit advice nor is it going to be a blackout. What the fuck are tho talking about? I have a friend who was 95 pounds who the first time she ever took benzos took one bar and she didn’t black out and she had a great time. It’s not too much for a beginner dose.

Ok I’ve bit my tongue long enough with your fuckin dumbass blog and comments, first of all at 17 you have no fuckin experience with more than basic pharmaceuticals yet you act like you put the work in i did at 17 bringing loads across the border… So I’ll start here you never ever tell a first time user to start high you tell them to start low in case they’ve been drinking or eating something that can potentiate the benzo and cause respiratory depression and heart failure, they can always take more not to mention a bar is only 8x the recommended starting dose which is that low for a reason, second of all it’s just fucking bad advice I guarantee you they will black out on a first dose of a bar ( I know that at 17 you have SO SO MUCH experience with Xanax, what maybe a year or two ), but I’m not wasting anymore time, you’re fuckin 17 with no experience with drugs who posts stock google photos and sends pics of those impossibly disgusting tits to a tweaker, I stand by the flood of hate you get from everyone else, you give shitty dangerous advice with no firsthand experience and even worse these people actually listen to you so with that said go fuck off and eat some Vicodin and have fun pretending you’ve got any experience based advice to offer and yes go start that other blog for your depression so you can keep acting hard on this one

I agree with blewa215, I was prescribed Xanax for a few years and never needed a full bar unless I wanted to blackout and forget the next few hours of my life… Which isn’t my thing sorry.

This. This. OMG THIS.
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